ColdEdge Technologies provides custom <4K to 1000K closed cycle cryostats with interfaces. We provide GM & Pulse Tube technologies from SHI Cryogenics of America,  Displex®, CTI Cryodyne, CryoMech and other popular closed cycle coolers. 


    4K GM                                  UHV Displex®                        Pulse Tube

We also supply open cycle flow cryostats that use liquid helium or LN2 as the cooling source.

Without the pressure of having to sell our own cryocooler brand, Coldedge can work with the researcher to arrive at the best cryocooler solution for the researchers particular requirements and interface needs.

We supply complete systems with application specific and/or custom vacuum enclosures, radiation shields, sample holders, windows, temperature sensors, heaters, extra experimental wire leads and feed-throughs (UHV, SMA, coax & other), temperature controllers, vacuum pump systems, sample manipulation attachments, low vibration CCR interfaces and many other additional options.

Interfaces with sample in vapor, sample in vacuum, UHV and custom interfaces are available.

Interface customization is our specialty - send us your sketch.


Materials Research
UHV Cryocoolers
Diamond Anvil Cell
Superconductor studies
Spectroscopy Narrow Gap
FTIR & Raman
Matrix Isolation
X-Ray Diffraction
Astronomy Magnetic Properties
Neutron Scattering
Electrical Experiments (Hall)
Detector Cooling
Chemistry Biological sample cooling

Closed Cycle







4.2K - 325K
10K - 325K
10K - 325K
10K - 325K
2nd Stage
0.1W @4.2K
1W @10K
1W @11K
0.25 @10K

* 60Hz data (please visit our web site for 50Hz data) All specifications are Typical

® Displex is a registered trade mark of SHI Cryogenics of America